Three Unfinished Areas


$5.2 Million

We are all unfinished people. And as we continue to progress in our individual obedience, generosity and service, we will collectively see continued growth in our existing ministries through our regular operating budget.


$1.6 Million

We have an unfinished church. As we continue to see growth in all areas of ministry, we need to see updates and expansion to serve the greater number of people we are welcoming each week. Growing physically to accomodate our young families with children, and updating our technology will ensure Redeemer can continue to serve future generations.



We have an unfinished mission. Redeemer has long been a partner with the Mark Twain community in West Tulsa. We serve in the community, send support and pray but the time has come to make a large investment in the future of this area. We will see many come to feel valued and better themselves through our investment in a brand-new community center!


It’s possible that you’ve been a part of church campaigns in the past where you were asked to give a second gift “above and beyond” your regular giving. “Above and beyond” giving is potentially confusing to people who don’t have a baseline for their “normal giving.” Instead, Unfinished will be a “one fund” initiative, meaning ALL of our giving goes toward the three areas of Unfinished People, Church and Mission over the next two years. It’s all one vision, so it’s all one fund. 

A “one-fund” initiative invites everyone to increase their level of generosity and reach our primary goal of 100% engagement. 

One Fund, One Vision.





100% Engagement

We want every single person that calls Redeemer home to take their next step
in discipleship and grow in generosity.



$7.2 Million

Unfinished is a one-fund initiative.
That simply means we are trusting God for this amount to cover all of our expenses for the next two years. This provides for the ongoing general operating budget and the additional vision for our facility and the NW Tulsa Community.


Why We Are Unfinished


Unfinished promises to be an important turning point in the life of Redeemer. As we enter our 31st year, God is preparing our church to reach future generations for Christ. Through His work, we will enhance our own space to worship and connect together, and create a brand new space for the Mark Twain community to find peace and a hope for the future.

I pray that as you look to the future of our church and to that of the larger community, your heart will be stirred to act. I believe God desires to do great things in and through the people of Redeemer. We are a congregation defined by taking what we know biblically and putting it into action by serving those around us.

Redeemer has a wonderful location, servant-hearted people and solid leadership. Yet, we are all still unfinished. God has much to show us and teach us about faith, generosity and serving. May God use this time to grow our trust in Him.

Bill Clark | Senior Pastor


Next Steps


Pray Fervently

Seek God in prayer and ask Him to show you which parts of your life are unfinished and what it means to be part of this opportunity to see God prepare Redeemer for the next chapter in the life of our church.



Commit Fully

We want to see everyone at Redeemer make a step in their personal discipleship and generosity. This is not a campaign where a few people can do all the work. Each person must commit to being a part of what God is doing in and through Redeemer. Help reach our goal of 100% engagement by doing your part.



Share Boldly

Each of us have a story to tell. The story of how God has worked in your life to lead you to the place you are now. Tell others how God is still not done working on you. Share how you see Unfinished furthering God’s work in Tulsa!



Give Generously

Live in a way that stretches you and increases your faith in all areas of your life: relationally, financially and spiritually